Kim Clijsters's involvement in the French Open is in serious doubt after she suffered an ankle injury while attending a wedding.

During what has been a injury plagued spell for the Australian Open Champion, she strained medial and lateral ligaments in her right ankle at the same time that she was having a spell on the sidelines for shoulder and wrist problems.

With this in mind, the likeliness of her being ready for a major tournament in just over a month’s time has to be small. Tennis betting pundits note how she will of course do everything she can to be there, but it has been officially confirmed that her involvement is in doubt.

A statement on her official website confirmed: “Kim's presence in Paris is very uncertain. Her ankle is completely immobilised. Kim faces a recovery of at least four to six weeks.”

The event at Roland Garros is in six weeks time, so general tournament preparation won’t be possible for the 27-year-old as she will still be recovering from a series of injuries.

Will she want to go into the event if she isn’t properly prepared either physically or mentally? The last thing she will want to do is rush her comeback and suffer further setbacks, meaning she misses an even bigger chunk of the season including Wimbledon in June.

Those placing tennis bets regularly will tell you that Clijsters does have unfinished business at the French Open though, with final defeats in 2001 and 2003, so perhaps this will motivate her to take part this year. Who knows, she could recover quicker than expected anyway.

Her last competitive match was on 31 March though, so when she does return it is bound to coincide with some rustiness. That is just inevitable.

At the end of the day, it will probably end up not being her decision with regards to when she returns. There will be a good medical team on the job and they will assess her day by day.

If in a couple of weeks time there are improvements, she can step up the French Open preparations and start to think positively about an injury-free spell.

Women’s tennis is certainly a better place when Clijsters is involved, so let’s hope she is fit and raring to go come the 22nd May and the start of the French Open.